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Best Life Insurance Companies In US – 2019


To help you find the best life insurance companies. I’ll show you the best life insurance companies. That is in the US and see more about. Which companies are doing well in the type of insurance. That you’re looking for. You can read the full list of other big companies.

Best life insurance companies in the US

Haven Life

Haven’s life has increased the traditional process. For obtaining life insurance by disqualified individuals. So who qualifies for medical examinations. Haven’s life offers only life insurance. Usually, the simplest and most affordable type of insurance. Especially if you are born and healthy. Even if you really need a medical check. So it is good to choose for you. But the life process of the sanctuary is quick and easy to navigate.

Best Life Insurance Companies In US - 2019


MetLife, another well-known service provider in the United States and globally. So it is good to choose for you. But offers policy options. It offers a simplified D-edition life Insurance. Which is worthwhile for buyers with health problems. Without the need for medical verification.


AIG is generally considered the world’s largest insurance organization. With more than 49,000 employees. And buyers in more than 80 countries. We also note that AIG is very good at putting. Candidates in two different levels of ratings in a more favorable degree. For example, a 37-year-old male weighing 215 pounds and 6 feet tall. And Babanner’s life rated him as the first policy. But AIG rated him as the first. With a value of $3,312 over the period of the policy.

Life Banner

Flag Lifetime Insurance is the leader in product and customer service. The company, which operates from 1949. Currently has about $685 billion in premises. Options such as special offers for future or human health. In addition, persons under 95 years of age can apply. For a banner best life insurance companies. While most insurance companies. But that can limit applicants to 65 or 75 years of age.


Bonito is another long-term life insurance company. That manages more than $1 trillion in assets. Prudential offers a range of different policy options. Including deadlines and lasting stability. It is permanent Insurance includes a universal. Universal index, Variable universal. And survival of universal life insurance. We note that applicants. That who use tobacco tend to prefer prudential. Because companies do not classify chewing tobacco users as smokers. Which can save a lot of money?

Mutual of Omaha

Omaina interconnectedness in more than a century. Omaha Mutual serves its clients in the life insurance sector. It offers a wide range of products. So it is good to choose for you. The company offers easy-to-follow online steps. To help buyers definitely need a few more stability. The site also provides calculators. To assist in the life insurance confirming. For a few life-resistant security insurances can last.

New York Life Insurance company

It is established more than 170 years ago. So the New York Life Insurance Company. It has more than $425 billion in assets under management. So it is good to choose for you. It serves policyholders in the United States and around the world. New York Life provides terminology. And the company is a strong financial supporter. Read my full review of New York Life.

Business categories of best life insurance companies 

When you sign up for life insurance. The company’s insurance company will take a closer look at your health. Then the habits, and family health history. The higher the risk. So you can higher the premium. Certain categories of applicants. Such as tobacco users are superior. To some good insurance companies with regard to the level of classification.

Here are some of the most common.

Health Awareness

Healthy IQ healthy IQ works with insurance companies. To ensure rewards for active people. People with healthy IQs have a low Body Mass Index. And a low resting heart rate. Although their family history is weak. When I thoroughly review edited my health information. But all cases were included. According to statistics on the website. So it is good to choose for you. Standard insurance has put 35 percent of policyholders. In the expected plus category. But with a healthy IQ doubling.

Smoker (Banner Life and Prudential) 

Banner Life is my smoker at the top of the list. It followed by wealth. Banner Life offers the preferred tobacco classification. As a smoker. You will still pay more than a smoker. But raising interest rates can be like other companies. The banner is also the parent company. But with more than $5.7 billion in assets. And more than $587 billion in life insurance.

Diabetes: General America (AIG-member)

The U.S. general I voted for the best choice for diabetics. In addition, General Motors in the United States. It offers drivers the benefits of accelerated death. So if you are diagnosed with an unhealed illness. You can get some insurance costs during your life. As with many best life insurance companies. GM is more likely to sign up if its profile includes other risks. Such as occupation or desire.

Cancer survivors

Prudential policy not only assures cancer survivors. But also provides the mildest coverage. For people with diabetes and drunken history. As you would expect. Even with cautious policies. But cancer survivors will have higher premiums. The type of cancer and the time required. For relief are factors. But if you survive cancer and look. For the best life insurance premiums. So it runs this system.

Five-year policy rules: Life in Minnesota

Most companies have a policy of 10 to 30 years. So it can be difficult to reach. To get a good five-year policy. If you start a new job. I want to protect your family. When you are in debt. Now if you have been smoking. I do not qualify for a non-smoking tax. You with temporary insurance.

Overweight/obesity: Bar worth

Genworth has traditionally been awarded. It is a “Preferred Plus ” rating. With a rating of  “standard risk “. For many obese people. Well, that’s typical of the industry. For example, a 55-year-old man. 6 meters high, can get the rate he needs. While weighing up to 242 pounds. When a person turns 65. He can weigh 258 pounds. But it is the same grade.

No medical examination Required: US National (Aniko)

Aniko gets all the votes. It is the best tool for medical care policy. Includes a real estate life insurance plan. Which guarantees a life insurance policy of up to $25,000. So it is good to choose for you. This applies to people aged 50. And 80 and provides a fixed fee for death. So it’s a fixed premium. Exam policy is more expensive. But Anico is your best choice.

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